Creating a digital marketing strategy for the next stage of diverse growth


West Michigan Psychological Services is a private psychological practice located in Holland, Michigan with a recent acquisition of six office spaces. The practice aims to help meet the mental health and emotional needs within the ever-growing West Michigan community.


In these uncertain times, mental health is more important than ever. West Michigan Psychological Services is dedicated to providing quality mental health care within the restraints created by the COVID-19 pandemic by offering virtual therapy sessions. On average, 600 therapy sessions are available per month, but only 100-200 are currently being filled. This presents a strong opportunity for the next stage of growth by implementing digital marketing efforts to create awareness and fill appointments, targeting the surrounding diverse demographic.


Blended Collective began by understanding the needs and ambitions to define the desired outcomes as it relates to digital marketing – to create brand awareness and fill appointments. To create awareness and drive additional traffic to the website, thought leadership in the form of educational content or resources were recommended. Our next step was to run keyword and backlink reports to analyze the current keyword state, also in comparison to local and regional competitors. We found that West Michigan Psychological Services did not rank for any organic SEO results. This led to the development of a digital marketing plan to include organic SEO and paid online advertising with Google Ad recommendations, targeting a more diverse pool of potential clients using demographic targeting tools.


With a strong focus on digital marketing, the practice is able to create brand awareness by directing organic traffic to its website through the use of specific keywords and search engine optimization. In order to attract potential clients for virtual or in-person appointments, paid digital marketing will be implemented with Google Ads to complement organic efforts strategically.

“As a new, small private practice, we have had almost no experience with marketing and it was clear we were not getting noticed within the community.  Working with Blended Collective was an excellent way to get an overall view of the marketing strategies we needed to engage in as well as the ways we could accomplish some of these strategies on our own.

Working with Lydia was a pleasure and I instantly felt in good hands, as we began to tackle a marketing project I knew nothing about and was concerned that I would easily make mistakes. Lydia was not only extremely knowledgeable about marketing, but asked the questions that prompted me to think through our brand, and how we plan to distinguish ourself from our competition. Overall, working with Blended Collective was a great experience as it set our company on a direct path towards the growth we are aiming for!”

– Leslie Roberts, Owner and Therapist, West Michigan Psychological Services

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