Press Release: Lydia Michael’s New Book “Brand Love” Available

Discover the Power of Culture and Emotion in Marketing with Lydia Michael’s New Book “Brand Love”

Lydia Michael's new book


DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, July 12, 2023 – Lydia Michael, founder and CEO of Blended Collective, a multicultural marketing and brand consultancy, has released her first book Brand Love: Building Strong Consumer-Brand Connections. Published by Kogan Page, the book provides insight on how the best brands evoke the emotions of their customers by tapping into their hearts and minds and shares tools to build and grow successful brands.

Within Brand Love, Michael breaks down strategies for maintaining strong consumer-brand connections to build loyalty and advocacy through emotional engagement. She introduces “Brand Love Drivers” and “The Eight Brand Love Stages” model to provide marketers with a practical guide to create human-centric and relevant brands for companies to remain profitable and a source of inspiration.

Michael shares, “I wrote Brand Love to provide a timeless perspective on what it means to build a brand that’s human and emotional with culture, diversity, and strategy in mind. It’s a book for marketers, but also for entrepreneurs and anyone focused on consumer-facing strategies to guide them on how to grow and build a brand, small or big, that can result in deep loyalty.”

Brand Love:

  • Helps marketers inspire and create strong, long-lasting, emotional relationships with their customers
  • Introduces “The Eight Brand Love Stages” model to guide marketers through the process of building and growing a brand
  • Shares insight into the emotional and rational “Brand Love Drivers”, including the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in your marketing strategy
  • Features more than 100 brands, exclusive interviews, and case studies from multicultural companies like Huda Beauty, Toyota and LEGO
  • Includes perspectives from global corporate brand leaders and business owners, along with the author’s entrepreneurial journey, who have seen the positive impact of “brand love”

Brand Love is available anywhere you can find books starting July 25, 2023. Digital ARCs via NetGalley are available.

Upcoming Events:

  1. Book Signing & Conversation on Tuesday, July 25 from 6:00-7:00 PM at Source Booksellers in Detroit. Address: 4240 Cass Ave., #105, Detroit, MI 48201
  2. Book Launch Happy Hour on Thursday, August 17 from 4:30-6:00 PM at TechTown Detroit. Address: 440 Burroughs St., Detroit, MI 48202


Blended Collective is an award-winning multicultural marketing and brand consultancy led by Lydia Michael since 2017. Born and raised in Germany, Lydia is a speaker, brand strategist, and author. She works with companies and organizations to develop brands and marketing strategies. Her experience includes working with companies like Deloitte and L’Oréal. Lydia’s work has been recognized with several diversity and marketing-centered awards. She leads workshops and speaks to audiences about topics such as multicultural marketing, brand love, diversity and inclusion, and entrepreneurship.


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