Mayfield Athletics

 Strengthening a brand with an emotional and impactful value proposition through content creation


Mayfield Athletics is an innovative sports equipment company with a passion to enhance safety and functionality for players of all ages. S.A.F.E.Clip, one of its products, is the latest advancement in facemask clip design to replace standard clips installed on a helmet at the factory or refurbisher. As scientifically proven at various third-party, accredited laboratories across the country, S.A.F.E.Clip effectively reduces impact by up to 35%. Regardless of age, size, or athletic ability, the product is designed to fit almost every helmet and facemask combination on the market today to help make football a safer game for all.


One key target audience are parents, especially moms, whose children play football, as parents are keen on keeping their children safe when playing sports. Proven difficult to reach and capture, Blended Collective was tasked to find engaging and impactful ways to attract parents’ attention to the brand’s product.


Using a strategy framework, Blended Collective recommended and developed the idea of attaching emotional attributes and marketing to the product to create a strong connection between the brand and customer. These feelings can be evoked through ads, video marketing, imagery, and other digital campaigns both online and offline, resonating on an emotional level to create a strong connection between the product’s purpose and the child’s safety, pushing price to become a secondary factor in the decision-making process. When there is safety, there is a strong emotional pull, so the value proposition of the product is recommended to be built around this by creating impactful content. When doing so, the consumer is encouraged to buy into the brand’s purpose and value that goes beyond simply selling the product.


Emotional marketing tells a story that connects audiences with brands and products in personal and human ways. Parents have strong feelings about their child’s safety and thus, the desire to protect them from sports injuries is crucial. An emotionally-charged story across multiple customer touchpoints supports the product’s ability to create safety, happiness and a peace of mind for parents and children alike, ultimately increasing product sales for the company.

“Working with Blended Collective and their team has been a tremendous boost for our company. They were able to develop a cohesive plan for our marketing efforts to reach our target market, considering the current COVID climate.

This year has been tough for a sports safety company with all the shutdowns and pauses, and to get a plan from Blended Collective that was clear and concise and one that provided a clear map towards marketing success, has been key in our development. The steps needed for marketing and sales success were clearly laid out, with several deliverables including targeted video content reaching moms and parents and SEO improvement included in the strategy.

The expertise and knowledge at Blended Collective was clear from the start of our engagement, and we look forward to continue working with them as we build our company towards success.”

– Justin Summerville, CEO and Founder, Mayfield Athletics

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