DāO - Multicultural Marketing Strategy

Creating a multicultural marketing strategy for a new hair care brand and product launch


One of the most promising growth factors in the beauty industry is the expansion of products targeting the multicultural market. DāO embodies a holistic approach to beauty and wellness by designing and creating premium products using plant-based and laboratory made ingredients for the entire family. The company creates products inspired by nature that are chemical-free and sustainably produced while encouraging everyone to embrace their true identity and the differences that make them unique.


With an effort to reach all ages, ethnicities and genders, DāO has struggled with positioning its brand and content to reflect this multicultural approach digitally with the help of influencers. The brand additionally wanted to develop a guerilla marketing campaign for its product launch that would be inspired by a music album release street campaign.


DāO looked to Blended Collective to help develop a multicultural marketing strategy and better position its brand within its online community among Instagram influencers. The Blended Collective team found that the brand’s purpose and promise were rooted in its core beliefs: to inspire the mind, body and hair. To demonstrate this, a group of female and male influencers across various ages and cultures was identified, selected, and recommended. Content and an implementation plan were created for this chosen group of digital influencers.

For its product launch stage, a guerilla marketing strategy was developed with the goal of creating brand awareness to its fullest potential. This was based on the inspiration of a music album release street campaign using visual references and content suggestions to develop a uniquely themed ad campaign.


DāO is set for a successful multicultural influencer marketing launch and guerilla marketing campaign with a strategic approach that will allow the company to position the multicultural brand and products according to its core belief and intended market audience.

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