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Creating a brand, visual and corporate identity for a new business management consultancy


CxO Advisory & Consulting (CxO) is a new business management consulting firm that focuses on developing business strategies, which integrate people management approaches. The consultancy targets small- to medium-sized premier companies and organizations.


CxO needed help in finalizing its name, formulating a brand identity, and successfully translating it into a minimalistic visual and corporate identity for its business launch. The visual challenge was to display the “x” variable interchangeably in order to communicate the various C-level positions the consultancy services.


In auditing the brand’s purpose and goal, we found that the intersection of people and process was its core brand purpose (also identified by the “x” element). We developed a brand language and visual identity, incorporating a color palette that stands for sophistication, high ambition, maturity, and leadership to support the brand values. The intersection of the black/white and burgundy colors in the x-shaped variable reflect a uniquely designed element to display the intersection of people and process. The “x” also serves as an interchangeable variable for various C-level positions, using a geometrical shape to stand out while surrounded by letters encompassing a round typeface.


The end result was the brand design, a set of brand guidelines for the corporate and visual identity, including marketing collateral, to ensure consistent execution of the brand across all touch points. CxO Advisory & Consulting is set for a successful launch with a distinct name and brand identity that will differentiate the company within the local metro Detroit community.

“Blended Collective’s creative strategy process is a highly collaborative relationship that works. As a result, I have the professional and meaningful brand image and visual identity needed to clearly set my company’s brand apart from others at a glance.”

– Machelle McAdory, Owner, CxO Advisory & Consulting

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