Enhancing B2B and B2C diverse communication for a healthcare brand


A unique service to fill a gap in the health care system, BridgeCare Specialists started in 2020 as one of the nation’s few transitional care service companies and the first independent company in Michigan to offer remote patient monitoring. Based on statistics, 1 out of 5 patients who is discharged from the hospital has to be readmitted within the first 30 days due to a related medical issue, resulting in higher expenses for insurance companies, patients, and hospitals. BridgeCare Specialists of Michigan exists to prevent this through Transitional Care Management for the first 30 days after a patient’s discharge.


With four relevant target audiences being hospital case managers, health insurance companies, physicians, and patients, the company partnered with Blended Collective to develop a messaging plan on where and how to target each key audience, in addition to highlighting the company’s mission, purpose and approach uniquely to appeal to all audiences alike.


Blended Collective conducted online research in the healthcare market to analyze regional and national competitors’ communication channels and messaging efforts. This helped in identifying how to best differentiate BridgeCare’s services with tailored messaging. We then determined which channels and what type of communication is most fitting for each audience. Our research provided insights on the most participatory digital channels for B2B and B2C audiences, including educational content and resources to be shared in an online educational hub. For this, we introduced Transition Minute and Remote Minute as content initiatives, connecting each to the two key services BridgeCare offers.


BridgeCare Specialists is effectively in the process of introducing the new channels and rolling out the communication to attract key audiences on recommended channels. Communication will be better aligned to successfully reach each target audience.

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