Developing a new name, brand identity, and marketing direction

Opal Grove Games is a board game store with an ecommerce platform on a mission to share the joy of gaming in a community that welcomes every person.


The co-founders approached Blended Collective as they were considering a new name after being known as Splendiferous Games in the early stages of their business. As a game store that fosters community and adventure in a fun and welcoming environment, the founders wanted to build an inclusive community through gaming where people can feel safe. With a name that was hard to pronounce and remember, it also didn’t convey the right story and meaning to reflect the core values and goals. In addition, it was challenging to develop a brand identity and marketing plan without having a reflective name first.


We worked with the founders to find a new business name – one that leans into a feeling. In just a few months, we talked to customers and partners, and conducted comprehensive consumer research to gain an in-depth understanding of the industry as we began the naming process. The character Opal from the animated TV show Steven Universe sparked the beginning stages creatively: the fusion form of Amethyst and Pearl together makes Opal, and Amethyst and Pearl also happen to be the birthstones of the two company founders. With the combination of their core identities and inspiration from all of this serving as a metaphor for their relationship and what they’re trying to build together, the new name Opal Grove Games came to fruition.

Through a series of ideation, brand exercises, and industry research, we defined the foundation of the brand to include the mission, vision, and purpose, followed by the brand and visual identity development. The logotype was designed to include leaf-like embellishments to create a look that is reminiscent of a thicket of trees. The primary colors of bright green and teal establish a welcoming tone and the rounded edges of the byline help to create a joyful and safe brand aesthetic. The monogram was designed in the form of a compass to add to the adventurous persona of the brand.

With the brand statement “friendly community game store where you belong” to drive communication and support the new brand along with a brand style guide and a marketing plan to create brand awareness, Opal Grove Games is positioned to drive growth for the business.


Rooted in community, adventure, and inclusion, these brand pillars serve as the foundation for Opal Grove Games to celebrate a gaming community in meaningful ways where people can be (or find) themselves, encouraging growth and joy. The company is ready to establish consistency with a clear name, comprehensive brand identity, and positioning.

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