1. Redefine brand positioning to eliminate consumer disconnect

2. Introduce new content and personalization features to convert account users and boost mobile app engagement


Developed specifically for the horse industry, HorseLinc is the equestrian’s one-stop-shop for digital barn management. The mobile app allows service providers, horse owners and trainers to facilitate simpler and quicker transactions when it comes to invoicing and paying for horse services.


While brand awareness has been achieved since launch in 2018, potential users continue to be confused and uncertain about what the company does or stands for although there is some familiarity with the company name in the horse industry.

Additionally, resistance to switch from other non-equestrian service providers to use this app, exists. It is also unclear whether people struggle to better understand how the app works or what to do once they sign up, as they may not need to use the service immediately. Account creators have not been converting to become account users within the app. This presents an opportunity to focus on mobile app engagement that will bridge the gap between creating an account and becoming an active account user, increasing conversions.


To enhance the brand-consumer connection and immediately convey the service of the mobile app, Blended Collective recommended the addition of a memorable, descriptive, and personable tagline. This helps provide clarity and emphasis on the brand’s mission or purpose. With the app’s focus of helping both horse managers and service providers, the app also empowers these two to connect. Hence, brand differentiation values were recommended to help market Horse Linc’s services: collaboration and connectivity.

To allow for early ways to boost retention rates and lifetime value of new users of the mobile app, an onboarding program was recommended to be featured on both the app and desktop version – visible upon signup and on an ongoing basis to drive a consumer-centric approach. To enhance mobile app engagement further, personalization features such as in-app messaging, recommendations and discounts were recommended based on user data, insights into customer journey and preferences. 


With a new tagline accompanying the current logo and brand’s visual identity, the value and service can be clearly communicated to help eliminate the consumer disconnect slowly. By creating valuable content for the mobile app, the gap between account creators and users can be filled with information about onboarding, events, calendars, chat platform for horse managers and service providers. Last but not least, the app engagement can be boosted through content and personalized messages such as in-app messaging for which user data has to be collected over time in order to deeply such efforts.

With all of these marketing and brand recommendations, lots of opportunities exist for Horse Linc to utilize the current app and website to its fullest potential for ultimate consumer attraction, engagement, and conversion.

“Blended Collective helped HorseLinc focus on our strengths by providing sound advice on our marketing needs and path forward. One of the strongest areas of focus was helping us develop a tagline to better promote the brand. They provided insights into branding strategies for us to select from. The advice we received from Blended Collective helped with the revamping of our website and certain marketing tools that have seen positive change in interaction with our potential clients.”

– Misty Pleiness, CEO and Founder, HorseLinc

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