Fusion Epicure

Assessing the company’s purpose, brand architecture strategy and positioning to match its diverse growth ambition


With distribution in premier grocery markets, Fusion Epicure offers healthy snack choices by using authentic ingredients in the form they were created without human processing. Made from natural ingredients, the brand delivers distinct quality, flavor and nutrition.

Challenge: As the brand looked to its next stage of growth, it required a brand architecture strategy for its evolving brand portfolio, including its popular sesame square and Belgian-sourced chocolate products. The challenges were obvious – how to strategize the corporate brand and product brands in the brand portfolio that have the same name and are difficult to distinguish when expanding into new, multicultural target groups, markets or categories, as well as how to position the key brands to bring to life the company’s purpose.

Solution: Blended Collective was tasked to audit the brand and evaluate the brand architecture and its positioning, followed by recommendations to increase clarity and efficiency and avoid consumer confusion in the marketplace. Understanding the meaning of the company’s name and motivation to create, the purpose was defined and captured in the company’s mission, vision, and story statements for wider use – also serving as a basis to update and strengthen the visual brand identity to reflect the brand at its core. To better leverage its master brand, it is now linked to all product brand names, yet making the individual brands more distinct by adding new product names to fit into their respective category.

Results: The brand is positioned to be consistent with its brand names and purpose across all platforms to have meaning beyond a healthy snack. With a coherent brand architecture in place, this makes it easy for target consumers to find the right product and differentiate between brand offerings in the market.

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