UpcycleDeveloping authentic content and visuals in support of Upcyle business launch


Farnsworth Upcycle offers inspiration and ideas on how to upcycle items rather than toss them in the trash. Salvaging scrap and junk saves these materials from the waste stream and reduces our carbon footprint.


To present the new upcycling warehouse in the most appealing way digitally, Blended Collective was asked to help develop blog content and capture visuals of upcycled items in association with the business and website launch.


To develop content and visuals, we arranged a photoshoot at the warehouse to create the most authentic look of upcycled items. This sparked a conversation on whether the business should launch as a brick and mortar and digital space, followed by a recommendation by Blended Collective to position Farnsworth Upcycle as a showroom to highlight the uniqueness and exclusivity of upcycled sale items to a niche audience in Detroit.


Farnsworth Upcycle successfully incorporated the blog content and visuals in a gallery upon its website and showroom launch. The upcycled items can be viewed and purchased by making an appointment.

“With Blended Collective’s help, I’ve created an authentic look and feel for my business. Farnsworth Upcycle’s image now reflects the uniqueness of my upcycled products. This could not have been done without Blended Collective’s help and advice.”

– Sara Weertz, Owner & Founder, Farnsworth Upcycle

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