Letter to Our Community

Letter to our community

At Blended Collective, we stand in solidarity with the black community and acknowledge the anger, anxiety, sadness, fear and any other emotions that many of you may be feeling. We stand for equality and against racism always. It’s time for change!

Our purpose is rooted in multiculturalism and at our core, we encompass strong values of authenticity, culture and diversity. We remain focused on creating an inclusive reality through our work that allows everyone to thrive and reach their potential while bringing together multicultural audiences to inspire growth, change and innovation.

In the very same way that diversity can be celebrated in different ways, we, as one human race, are also called to show up and support in different ways. Whether you choose to be vulnerable, take time to listen, learn and reflect, create and provide resources, or sign a petition and donate money to organizations like the NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, help combat social and racial injustice — they are all valid ways of showing up and supporting our community that needs our help.

We will be pausing our regular content across all Blended Collective channels on this #BlackoutTuesday to make our voice heard in support of Black Lives Matter. As we overcome this global pandemic, it is our hope that you continue to take care of yourselves, family and loved ones while showing unwavering support and love. #StandUp4HumanRights

Organizations to support racial justice:


The Loveland Foundation

National Urban League